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Distribute your advertising content on the road in a few clicks
Realtime Data

Adroady integrates Machine Learning Technology, Computer Vision and GPS to produce insightful data on the reach of your advertisement, all in real time.

Data Report

Data collected is categorised for easy analysis. For example, you can check in real time if your advertisement has been viewed on a SUV, Sedan or Public Transport. This information allows your business to respond to trends and improve existing and future advertisements with us.

Package Prices

Our package pricing is based on CPM-CPVM and ensures every business dollar is well-spent.

Led Screens

With the use of LED screens, your business has the advantage of rolling out creative multi-media campaigns to engage all audiences.

A/B Testing

A/B testing allows the best version or variant of your ad, based on an initial audience pool, to be the one that is eventually distributed and viewed from our car units.

An Adroady Car

You would know an Adrody car from a mile away because our LED screens are fitted at the rear of our car units. This way all passing motorists and pedestrians can see your advertisement.

Case study

Redefining Advertisement in the Digital Age

The days of traditional advertisement are in the rear-view mirror.

Today, businesses leverage on technological advancements to provide the digital-savvy consumer with new and immersive ways of experiencing advertisements. Adroady is at the forefront of innovative marketing strategies and is the first digital Out-Of-Home mobile presence in Indonesia. We deploy car units, each fitted with LED screens, to display and distribute your advertisement all over Indonesia in a few clicks. We then use big data and image recognition to calculate the number and type of vehicles viewing your advertisement in real time.

Based on the data collected, businesses can choose to deploy different advertisements at specific time and locations and pay on a CPM basis. Furthermore, the real time data collected will optimise A/B testing and conversion rate results.

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